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Floor Waxing in Medford and Grants Pass Oregon

floor waxing Strip and Waxing your floor is the fastest way to make your business sparkle. We always begin floor waxing and floor maintenance by detail cleaning the surface, paying special attention to cleaning around the edges and doors. We then carefully wipe walls, baseboards and furniture from overspray of equipment or mop. We then carefully spread one coat sealer and then spread several coats of wax down until the appropriate amount of coats have been laid down according to the customers wishes. At the end we cleanup equipment and trash and make sure the building is secure and locked before leaving. Scrub and Wax is an inexpensive way of making your floors shine. This is an economical alternative if your floor wax is dull, dirty, thin or no wax in high traffic areas.Remember – Floors won’t shine unless there is sufficient wax on them. Buffing, Polishing or Burnishing floors begin with: 1.Moving chairs and light furniture for easy access. 2.Remove gums with scraper. 3.Sweep the floor thoroughly with dust mop. 4.Mop the floor with neutral cleaner and allow to dry. 5.Burnish the floor with high speed burnisher and white pad. 6.Sweep the floor thoroughly again┬ámove back furniture.
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Call for Free estimate 541-855-7778 Medford & Grants Pass Floor Waxing and Floor Maintenance Prices:
Strip and Wax 5 coats $.39 sqft minimum $200
Scrub and ReCoat with Wax $.29 sqft minimum $100
Buffing, Polishing or Burnishing a Floor $.12 sqft minimum $50