How To Clean Dog And Cat Pee Carpet Stains

Rogue Valley Residents love their pets. Probably about 75% of my carpet cleaning customers own pets. I run into pee problems every week. Treating dog and cat pee is done on a case by case basis. Many factors go into pet urine cleaning. Animal size, breed, age, diet and illnesses. If you have a puppy or very small dog then more than likely the urine is on the surface and clean up is quick and easy. Most professional carpet cleaners in Medford can get most urine out of a carpet with just a standard carpet cleaning.

Big dogs are a whole other story, big bladders definitely mean big problems. If a large dog empties its whole bladder on one spot then more than likely it soaked deep into the pad. This requires a deep cleaning treatment.

For the do it your selfer – First, saturate the area with a special solution that is made for urine and odor removal. For a 1 x 1 square foot area pour at least one half gallon onto the carpet. Make sure it soaks through the carpet and into the pad then let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Secondly, suck it back up with a shopvac.

Thirdly, soak and agitate the area with another odorcide product that destroys all odors by encapsulating the molecules for another 10 minutes before vacuuming that up. Fifth, Rinse the area with fresh water and suck it out with a shopvac. ** It is very important that you vacuum most of the water up. Don’t leave the carpet and pad soaked. That all there is too it unless you have multiple spots.

Extreme Cases: Sometime a deep cleaning is not enough because there are too many spots or the urine has soaked all the way to the floor boards or concrete. In this case the only solution is to pull the carpet back and replace the pad and seal the sub floor. This almost always will take care of the problem. In some rare cases (usually with cat urine), the entire carpet and pad will need to be replaced. It depends on the amount and severity of the mess. If you have pet urine issues give me a call to see what works best for you.

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