How to clean your blinds

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Cleaning Service Tips – Blinds
Quick Method – Try slipping your hands into a pair of cotton socks for cleaning your mini blinds. Dip one hand into a bucket of warm, soapy water and rub back and forth until you’ve removed all the dirt and cleaned the whole surface of each blind. Take another clean terry cloth to use to dry off the blinds.

Detailed Cleaning Method – Take the blind down and take it outside.  Hang it on a fence or lay it on an blanket preferably one you don’t need.  Turn the blinds inward so that all are closed.(front side)  Mix up a bucket of all-purpose cleaner or ammonia solution.  Scrub with a super soft brush then turn it over to do the back side, its ok to use a lot of solution.By now the blanket is wet and is helping to clean the blind and protecting it.  Hang the blind on a clothesline and hose it off with running water. DO NOT POWER SPRAYGentle using the brush and hose in other hand scrub off and excess dirt that may be visible on both sides.  Open up blinds to open position and separate each blind if they stick and let drip dry.

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