Do you need a job?

Our Company 

AmericanPro Cleaning Service offers a variety of job and employment opportunities in the cleaning service industry.  Janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, move out cleaning, management and office positions.  We offer positions available 24 hours a day and we expect all employees to be honest, dependable, maintain a neat appearance and pass background checks.

Our Philosophy 

The customer comes first.  Treat each and every customer as our guest.  The company’s reputation starts with our cleaning professionals.  Any complaints or bad attitudes toward a customer will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.  Never ever disrespect the customer!  Service comes first. High personal productivity is demanded.  You will be taught a cleaning system that emphasizes meticulous and efficient cleaning.   We have promised to perform a service.  Professionals always get the job done!  You must be honest, reliable and show up on time.  No-shows on a job will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.

Our Guidelines 

AmericanPro Cleaning operates with a set of Guidelines.  Guidelines are for both of us.  The company has “expectations and promises” to fulfill to their customers and the employee has “expectations and promises” to fulfill to the company. Guidelines are a part of the cleaning system and must be followed for success.

To Apply For Employment
Download the following employment application, fill it out and either mail, email or fax it to us for a job interview. Click here to DOWNLOAD