Patient & Operating Room Cleaning Guidelines

Follow OSHA Bloodborne Pathlogens procedures and use the two step cleaning and disinfecting system of cleaning. Equipment and Chemicals – Microfiber towels and mops, disposable lint free polypropylene towels and mops, red medical waste liners, clear trash bags, blue linen bags, green recycling liners. Where PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. Scrub suit, shoe covers, head cover, latex free gloves, mask.  Chemicals – Quaternary Ammonium Salts – Hepastat 256, Virustat 128 and  Disinfectant Bleach (1 to 10 ratio).

1. Prior to entering the patient/operating room wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds then put on PPE.
2.  Set up cart and cleaning equipment outside the room.
3.  Enter the patient/operating room remove trash, soiled linens, bio hazardous waste, recycling containers if applicable and place these outside the room for disposal and handling in appropriate rigid containers.
4.  Begin two step process of cleaning then disinfecting all surfaces by immersing towel in container and wiping all surfaces and equipment with a liberal amount of chemical with a overlapping pattern. To include all doors, door frames, walls, ceilings, baseboards, face plates, vents, surgical lights, fixtures, furniture, foot pedals, cords, telephones, computers, keyboards, surgery table, pad & base, ledges, counters, cabinets, receptacles, clocks.
5.  Replace all bags, liners and make up the patient/surgery table if applicable.
6.  Move appropriate equipment and mop floor with either clorox ready mop with disposable mop heads or rubber maid microfiber cloth mops by heavily applying floor cleaner to floor and allowing to wet dry.
7.  All mops are microfiber and used only once. All towels are a lint free, disposable and made of polypropylene and when wet leave no residue.