Customer Contact Guidelines

1. Always be friendly to customers and agree with them no matter what, but do not get in any conversations.
2. If a customer complains, do not comment back as it may contradict something we have already said.
3. If a customer leaves you a note, do not answer back on the note. (Call us and tell us and we will respond).
4. Always let us know if you feel a customer is unhappy.
5. If you notice any extra work needed, (such as strip/wax floor, carpet clean or windows) let us know.
6. If a customer is at work late, say hello, we don’t want to frighten them.

Superviser Contact Guidelines

1. Always be friendly to supervisors and agree with them no matter what, but do not argue or talk back. If you have a problem then do what they say and after words call the office and talk to the manager.
2. The supervisors job is to check on accounts and make sure that the quality of cleaning meets our demands. If quality is not met, you will need to improve immediately or you will lose that account. This is not personal its BUSINESS!
3. If you have an emergency or if you need supplies or anything, contact office 1st (make at least 3 attempts), then… 541-840-2600 then….superviser.

Job Managing Guidelines

1. You must clock in and out with your employee codes in order to get paid. If you don’t or if you clock in but don’t clock out you will not get paid.
2. Paychecks are mailed on or before the 5th and 20th of each month. You can’t for any reason pick up the checks at the office.
3. Draws before payday will be charged 15%. Draws are a privelage not a legal right.
4. All accounts during the weekend must be completed by 6:00pm Sunday. If you can not complete your job by then and you have a valid reason, you must contact the office or a supervisor. Leaving a message is not acceptable.
5. Absolutely! do not ask another employee to help you clean an account without letting the office know 1st.
6. Employees must be presentable at all times. You cannot show up to work dirty.
7. No kids, friends or family can ever go into an account with you.
8. You can only use the customers phone for emergency and checking in. Absolutely no personal calls.
9. No more than one smoke break per hour or longer than 5 minutes or you will be terminated.

How not to handle a problem:

How to handle a problem! Turn it around 360°