Employee Chemical Hazzard Guidelines – Oregon-OSHA

General Information

American Professional Janitorial is committed to the prevention or happenings that result in injury and wish to comply with all federal, state, health and safety rules. In order to comply you must pay very close attention to this form.

Container Labeling

All employees are responsible for verifying that all containers, spray bottles received will be labeled appropriately. If you have no way of labeling the item contact a superviser and advise them of the situation.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Copies of MSDSs for all hazardous chemicals to which employees of this company are exposed to will be both at our office and located at the site. Review before you bein cleaning on your first day.
Employee Information and Training – If for any reason any employee prior to starting work has not been trained or doesn’t feel comfortable with the following please contact the office or a superviser immediately.
Chemicals that are present in the work place.
Spill procedures/waste disposal.
Special protection and precautions.
Safety emergency procedures to follow in case of emergency.

Chemical List

64 to 1 Glass Cleaner
PH Nuetral Cleaner
Triple Power

Chemical Non-routine Tasks

Periodically, employees may be exposed to chemicals the customer has at their site. Either we will be training you to deal with these chemicals or if our company is unaware of this, then contact the office and or superviser and report before continuing to work.