American Pro Janitorial Provides The Best Janitorial Cleaning Service in Chicago. We Provide Industrial Cleaning, Daily Carpet Care, Floor Cleaning, Office System Cleaning, Waste Removal, & Restroom Cleaning in Chicago.

In Chicago we provide janitorial cleaning services like office cleaning, pressure cleaning, hospital cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential house cleaning, post-construction cleanup, carpet cleaning, lawn maintenance, and washroom cleaning. American Pro Janitorial deal fully with personalized workplace cleaning services. Whether your organization is in a Business Office Complex, a Medical Workplace, or a Call Center, American Pro Janitorial can provide the remedy you need to keep your office area tidy as well as healthy. At American Pro Janitorial, our knowledgeable team is reliable as well as liable. You don't have to do any of the supervision. We perform routine examinations to ensure our job is held to our high criteria, and also we keep open lines of interaction with you to ensure we deal with any type of issues quickly.

Chicago Janitorial Services

Office Janitorial Cleaning in Chicago

If you need Office Janitorial Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL, American Pro Janitorial is the best and reliable cleaning company. We provide the expertise, professionalism, and ownership to deliver exceptional results you can depend on. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of janitorial cleaning service in Chicago, IL. Our Office Janitorial Cleaning Services at American Pro Janitorial improve indoor air quality, occupant health, and your reputation.

Commercial Janitorial Services in Chicago

American Pro Janitorial provide high-quality Commercial Janitorial Services in Chicago, IL because commercial janitorial cleaning is very important for the success of any business in Chicago, IL.  At American Pro Janitorial, we provide the best and most reliable commercial janitorial services available at a great price. We clean it right the first time, every time, allowing you to concentrate on the other important things that matter to your business in Chicago, IL. 

Chicago Janitorial Cleaning Services For Business

Every business owner needs Janitorial Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL. The condition of your workspace is a major factor in the impression that people get of your business which can have a direct effect on your bottom line. American Pro Janitorial provides high-quality janitorial services that meet your specific requirements. People are generally happier and more productive when they work in a clean and comfortable environment.

Our Chicago Janitorial Cleaning Services

Commercial Janitorial Services in ChicagoAt American Pro Janitorial our janitorial cleaning services include:

  • Options For Daily, Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Services in Chicago
  • Daily Carpet Care in Chicago
  • Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning And Maintenance in Chicago
  • Reception Area/Lobby Cleaning in Chicago
  • Kitchen/Restroom Cleaning/Restocking in Chicago
  • Dusting And Window Washing in Chicago
  • Office System Cleaning in Chicago
  • Waste Removal in Chicago
  • Sanitization Programs in Chicago
  • Daytime Cleaning in Chicago
  • Window Cleaning in Chicago
  • Chemical Floor Polish in Chicago
  • Janitorial Subcontractor in Chicago

We have been offering cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients. Our success has originated from our unwavering commitment to our clients. 

Janitorial Dust Cleaning in Chicago

Best Janitorial Dust Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL is hard to find, but you should not worry as American Pro Janitorial are there to serve you for your janitorial dust cleaning needs. At American Pro Janitorial, we use an effective and efficient cleaning process, it combines powerful products, advanced technologies, and a high-productivity approach to dramatically decrease airborne dust and germs. In Chicago, IL whether you are a business owner or house owner, we are readily available to help your property remain clean and dust-free.

Janitorial Restroom Cleaning in Chicago

Restroom cleaning is very important as the cleanliness of a restroom in a business has a major impact on customer perception. In Chicago, IL people usually avoid a restaurant or hotel with a dirty restroom. The team American Pro Janitorial in Chicago, IL takes a great of your cleanliness and offers Janitorial Restroom Cleaning Service for residential and commercial clients across Chicago, IL. Our crew of professionals is thoroughly trained in cleaning the restroom of all types. 

Chicago Building Cleaning

In Chicago, IL, cleaning building is essential for every home and commercial building. Having a reliable building janitorial cleaning service that understands your building cleaning requirements and needs makes it easier to have your building maintained and kept clean. The team American Pro Janitorial has a wealth of onsite training and experience to provide you through Building Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL. With several years of professional experience, our specialists at American Pro Janitorial know what it takes to offer you efficient cleaning services as well as help you maintain your building.

best office cleaning services in Chicago

Medical Office Cleaning in Chicago

If your medical office is not properly cleaned, it is probably dangerous for the patients who are already suffering. In Chicago, IL medical office cleaning goes way beyond appearance. In Chicago, IL, American Pro Janitorial, has specially-trained cleaning service ensuring your medical office is sanitized and hygienic properly. If your patients are not impressed by the level of cleanliness found in your office, contact us at American Pro Janitorial for Medical Office Cleaning Services across Chicago, IL.

Kitchen Cleaning in Chicago

American Pro Janitorial tackle your Kitchen Cleaning in Chicago, IL. Cooking, eating, foot traffic—they all lead to dirt and buildup in your kitchen. The professional team at American Pro Janitorial has the proven processes to deliver exceptional results of kitchen cleaning in Chicago, IL. If you are short on time, giving your kitchen a thorough clean is not possible, let American Pro Janitorial serve you in this regard. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Chicago, IL. 

Glass Cleaning in Chicago

American Pro Janitorial in Chicago, IL is a professional glass cleaning service provider. Having worked on some of the known and tallest commercial and residential buildings give us a huge experience to deliver high-quality Glass Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL. Our glass cleaning service prices are really affordable and competitive. In Chicago, IL our glass cleaning clients are satisfied with the safety measures, efficiency of workers and the most customized work plan for their buildings. Glass cleaning is a highly risky and difficult job, so you should always contact American Pro Janitorial for professional cleaning services in Chicago, IL. 

Professional Maids For Janitorial Cleaning in Chicago

At American Pro Janitorial we claim to provide an effective and efficient janitorial cleaning service. Janitorial cleaning system at American Pro Janitorial combines powerful products, advanced technologies, and a high-productivity approach to dramatically decrease airborne dust and harmful bacteria. Our trained professionals provide you Outstanding Cleaning Services as per your required and per demand. We attribute our success to our commitment to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. Whether it is a one-off job or regular weekly or monthly clean, American Pro Janitorial can help you in all scenarios. Our Professional Commercial Cleaning results come from a dedicated local cleaning staff, who are pre-screened, trained, and are ready to provide you with daytime or overnight cleaning.


A clean and comfortable environment is important for healthy living. At American Pro Janitorial we understand that between a hectic work schedule and family commitments, you could not find enough time to maintain cleanness at your home. To provide you a clean and healthy atmosphere, we provide you 24/7 Janitorial Cleaning Service. No matter what your cleaning needs are, our thoroughly trained and fully vetted team is capable of handling any kind of cleaning job. Either it is a House, a Medium-Sized Office, or a Large Industrial Complex, we can tailor our cleaning services to suit your needs, location, and preferences. If you have constructed or renovated your office or house, or you had a gathering at your place, you need urgent cleaning service, don’t worry and call us at American Pro Janitorial. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable, cost-effective, and quality janitorial cleaning services.

Why Choose American Pro Janitorial For Janitorial Cleaning Services in Chicago?

A clean office and work environment boost the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. At American Pro Janitorial we are one of the premier providers of Janitorial Services. We are a leading commercial cleaning company for many reasons. Not only can we get the job done quickly and efficiently, but we use a variety of safe, tested products that will not interfere with equipment or sensors. We provide 100% guaranteed service. We are reliable because we adopt safe cleaning procedures. Our team of janitorial cleaning is bonded and insured. To know more about services or to avail of our services call us at 248-247-4305